Thursday, 1 June 2017

You Win Some, You Lose Some!


This week started off with a really great restoration lesson with Maddie and her boyfriend Ethan. Ethan is a young man in our ward and he is so excited that Maddie has taken an interest in learning more about the Church. Things are going really well with her, she is reading the Book of Mormon and we were going to go to the LA temple visitor's center with her this Saturday but unfortunately she fell ill :( BUT things are still looking good! We will try again next month when the youth go to the temple for youth conference.

On Tuesday we went on Exchanges with the La Mirada sisters in Whittier, it was a great experience. I was wish Sister Bedford, we had a fun time.

Wednesday we were supposed to have Edward's baptismal interview... but unfortunately he backed out again.... this has been about the 4th time I'm pretty sure since he started meeting with missionaries over a year ago... we don't really know what he needs, it seems to be just a commitment issue. He knows the church is true, he knows he needs to be baptized, he just always gets cold feet...

Later we had a lesson with Monique, we read form the Book of Mormon and it went pretty well! We have come to the conclusion that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, now we just have to build on that. After we had a lesson with Alyssa, she is progressing really well! She already knows the Church is true, she just has to receive all the lessons. We did move her baptismal date because we can only meet with her once a week and she wants to take her time receiving the lessons but then we asked her what day she wanted to change it to and she said August 12th haha so we discussed a little and compromised with July 15th... but we're pretty sure that once we have finished teaching her everything she will be baptized sooner.

Later that evening, we were invited to help train some of the priests to teach the first lesson studying PMG, it was really great! Ethan and Adam (those are the only priests haha) did really well, they will be great missionaries! That evening we went to stop by Glenn, we shared a scripture about faith with him and we found out that Jeremy is in jail, so that was really sad to hear. We don’t know when he will be getting out but he was doing really well....

Thursday we had a lesson with Christina and talked more about the Book of Mormon and church organization. Man, I wish I could just teach the lessons! I mean I love answering people’s questions and stuff, but I know that their questions will be answered as they take the discussions... why don't they believe me?!? It is such an easy thing people disregard it. I am constantly reminded of the story of Naaman in the Old Testament. When we just do the simple things we are asked to do and commanded to do by God, we receive our answers!

Later that day we had a lesson with Marcello. Justin Ibarra (Alyssa's brother) came with us, he was baptized almost a year ago. We taught the restoration and it went really well! Later we had another lesson with Maddie, and in the evening a lesson with the Zamarrepa family.

Friday, Justin came out with us again for Calvin's restoration lesson, he accepted a baptismal invitation, he seems eager to learn. He had already looked over the pamphlet and the beginning of the Book of Mormon when we came over. Another lesson with Monique in the afternoon, and one with Frank in the evening. He is doing well, we read some Book of Mormon with him, he is really starting to warm up to the whole idea. It is such a blessing to be able to see the Spirit work with him! Oh and in the morning we contacted a referral named Raymond and picked him up as a new investigator! He is new to the area and looking for a church to take his kids!

Saturday we had planned on going to the temple visitor's center but Maddie got sick so we went to see Salai, she had cancelled on us a few times so we thought we would check in with her... she dropped us. She was very sweet and she said she would like us to call on her in about a month, she just has to figure some stuff out. So we went to contact a referral, Samiyah. Samiyah is 13 years old and very sweet. We taught her the restoration on her doorstep and she really liked it! We will see her again soon.

Saturday morning we got to walk with Calvin to church, it was pretty great! The sun was shining and he was telling us lots of stories, including bible stories. He only stayed for sacrament meeting but he said he really liked it. Oh yeah and Sister Biberston and I spoke in church.

This morning we had no money still haha so all we could buy was some water, milk, ramen, and bread. Also we are washing our clothes in our bathtub again lol. #missionarylife #5mondaymonthsaretheworst

Love, Sister Holt

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