Monday, 12 June 2017

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles!

Hello! I don't have much time again this week, but I will try to get the most important stuff in.

Tuesday we had a great lesson with a less-active member named Vaiola. She was baptized when she was 8 but was never really committed to the church. She has come to a point where she really wants to know what God would have her do. It's definitely true that ever person has their own timing for when they will receive the Gospel. We don't know when that will be but Heavenly Father is working on EVERY person's heart. If someone isn't ready, they're not ready. It doesn't mean, "not ever", it just means "not now." Well Vaiola is ready now! We taught her the restoration because she really didn't know much about our religion! I feel like people who investigate the church actually learn more about what we believe through the lessons that are taught than normal members learn... Like when I teach kids that are 9 or 10 I just think, wow, you are so much more ready for this than any other 8 year old! I want to teach my kids the lessons before they get baptized!

Wednesday, we met with a new investigator, Mario. He is a deputy sheriff who found our card after we had left it at his door for his brother. He texted us and we set up a time to meet. He is very sincere and the lesson went great! We also had awesome lessons with Alyssa (who is getting baptized on the 1st of July) and Jeremy (who is getting baptized this Saturday.) All in all, a pretty good day :)

Thursday, we had a stake correlation meeting to discuss how priesthood keys are involved with ward missionary work, it was a rather good presentation! They showed an awesome video of one bishop who used his priesthood keys to "hasten the work" in England. They went from baptizing 2 or 3 people a year to 30 and then 50 the following year!!! President Patterson was there too, so it was nice to see him.

Friday we had a lesson with a sweet girl named Samiyah, we taught her the plan of Salvation. She is progressing really well but felt she was unable to accept a baptismal date because her mother is sort of against her meeting with us... she is letting her but she isn't very happy about it. She has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot though! And marking it! She is so awesome. I love working with youth! They are so much more receptive to the Gospel and to learn, grow, and change.
 Saturday was very busy, we had another lesson with Jeremy, and Vaiola. We also picked up 3 new investigators! Michael, Demel, and Raymond. Heavenly Father really does bless you when you speak to everyone! Yeah, not everyone is ready to hop into the baptismal font, but what if they need your contact to move further down the path to baptism?

Sunday was awesome! Jeremy, Alyssa, and a new investigator named Randy were at church, and Calvin came after the Sacrament. We had a lesson after church with Jeremy and the Huebners, it went really well. I love teaching in the church building! The spirit is just so strong.

I also made dinner Sunday evening for Sister Biberston and I! Pics to follow lol. A member gave us a roast at some point so I cut it up into stakes and it was super yummy.

After dinner we had another lesson with Alyssa, she is progressing so, so well! We came to a for sure firm date, the first of July! We called her later to ask what time (2:00) and she bore her testimony to us of how we have helped her come closer to Christ and use the Atonement to better herself every day. It was a very special moment for us. After Alyssa's lesson we met with Dwayne, a new investigator, He is very cool and I am excited to teach him!

The Church is true! 

Sister Holt

fireside discussion

with the YSA sisters

Sisters Greener, Holt and Biberston

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