Monday, 19 June 2017

Training 2.5


This has been an amazing week and a fantastic transfer! We got transfer calls last night and.......................
 I am training again and Sister Biberston is going to Los Alamitos with Sister Castleberry, who is super awesome! I have seriously loved being able to serve with Sister Biberston, I've been super blessed to get to be a part of her training. I am definitely going to miss her like crazy, but I'm stoked for another adventure to begin!

Last Pday was really fun, our zone went bowling! Which I haven't done in forever so I was pretty terrible... After Pday we had a great lesson with a young guy named Raymond that we found on the street and halfway through his brother, David, came to the door and asked if we were having a bible study, we told him we were and he joined! It was really great, they are 15 and 16 and they seem like really good kids. After that we had a lesson with Jeremy to help prep him for his baptism!

Tuesday we had a lesson with Calvin, we taught him the plan of salvation with pictures and stuff so he could remember better; it went really well! He was able to repeat the whole plan back to us! We extended his baptismal date to July 8th so we have more time to teach according to his needs. He really is the sweetest most smiley guy you'll ever meet!

On Tuesday we also got to go to the LA temple visitor's center with Jeremy! Justin Ibarra drove and brought his friend from YSA. It was really great! Jeremy really learned a lot about the temple and eternal families and he's super excited to go back ASAP to do baptisms!

That night we also had a lesson with Vaiola, she is loving learning about the Gospel all over again! She said she was obviously not listening in class growing up because she doesn't remember any of this haha! She is so funny. We are working on getting her read for a patriarchal blessing.

Wednesday was very busy! We had district meeting and we taught 5 lessons! It was awesome, I love nothing more than staying busy :) First we met with Alyssa, she is still progressing super, super well! We are so happy for her. Her mother has said that she would like her to wait a little bit longer before getting baptized, we encouraged her to bear her testimony to her mother to help her understand how important this is to her. I think she is going to do that today, so we will see! After we had a lesson with a new investigator named Demel with a member from our ward, Brother Vest. It went really well! It was such a blessing to have brother Vest there to bear testimony, he even left Demel with a challenge to come to church on Sunday! It was awesome.

After that we had a lesson with DICE. Man, he is the coolest. I literally can't do him justice by trying to describe just how prepared he is and how excited he is about the truth he learns! We set a new baptismal date with him for June 14th because he missed church, but we talked to him about the importance and he gets it now :) Man, he was so excited when we told him that he could receive the priesthood after his baptism! He gave us high fives. It was great. After that was Jeremy's baptismal interview.

After dinner we met with Dwayne, a newer investigator and talked about the importance of keeping the commandments. He said he felt that people shouldn't deny themselves of things that bring "happiness" like drinking etc. We were able to bear testimony to him of the joy it brings in our lives when we keep the commandments. It's so crazy to me how people think they have it all without the Gospel, they try telling us that they're good.... but it's not true! It's something you don't realize you NEED until you find it! People just have to make the first step, get that first taste of what it is like to have the spirit and they start to get it. That is why teaching with the spirit is so important!

Late that evening we had a lesson with another less-active man named Scott.

The rest of the week was pretty normal; finding, teaching, and preparing people for baptism, and then on Saturday... we got to go to 2 baptisms! It was the best day ever! First we went back to Huntington Beach North to the Beach ward for Karie's baptism! It was so, so special. It was also really cool because all of the companions I have served with that are still in the mission were there!  Right after that baptism we hurried home to start filling the font for Jeremy's baptism! It was a small, simple meeting but it was very powerful! Justin Ibarra baptized him, it's the first time he has done that, he was baptized himself just last October! Also, Jeremy's sister, Destiny, came and when Jeremy bore his testimony the spirit was just so strong! She took a restoration pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and she is going to start meeting with us!

After the baptism we taught another lesson to Raymond and David and committed them to be baptized! Yay! More miracles! Then we finished off the evening with a lesson with Vaiola.

The next day for Jeremy's confirmation, Glenn came, his brother who is also getting taught by us. This was really awesome because Glenn hasn't been coming to church because he's 13 and he says it feels like school... but he came and it was great! Jeremy received a very powerful blessing with a lot of great promises! He certainly has a bright future ahead of him!

I am so thankful for all that Heavenly Father allows me to be a part of! The Church is so true!

Sister Holt

ps #sorrynotsorry for all the pics coming....

Jason, Jeremy, Sisters Holt and Biberston

L.A. Temple

Karie and her missionaries

MTC companions reunited

All Sister Holt's comps who are still in the field!
Sisters Biberton, Greener, Holt, Sherksnas and Rhoton

Distrct Bowl

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