Monday, 22 May 2017

There is Sunshine in My Soul!

It has been another simply fantastic week here in Cerritos! We have kept very busy, as usual. This week it got to about 95 degrees on Saturday, so that was awesome! I love the sun and the heat.

On Tuesday we got to have a lesson with a lady named Fransuaz. When we started off she was a little on edge, kinda challenging me, haha. But you could literally see her heart soften as the lesson went on! It was so wonderful to watch. She was very impressed with simply the example we and members of our congregation set; that we live what we preach. It really does matter what you do, it marks you as a disciple of Christ! She seems to have a great desire to know for herself. One thing she had the most questions about was, how did we come to know it was true? I love having the opportunity to share my testimony of how I came to know this church was true! One thing I thought about afterwards was that if I had, in the beginning, fought fire with fire when she had challenged my beliefs in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, it definitely wouldn't have gone so well. As soon as contention enters the picture the Spirit leaves, I know I can't do this or anything without the Spirit so I am going to do my very best to make sure it's always with me, no matter what! I've noticed that with companions too, and hey family when I was at home! The end result will never be pretty if we allow Satan to take control over our emotions. The best part is that God is good! He wants to help us and we can rely on Him when our strength is insufficient! Sister Biberston and I have taken to making having the Spirit our first priority. If we are frustrated with something we take the time to say a prayer or read a scripture, or sing a hymn, to invite that Spirit back. It is so important! We can literally do nothing without it! Especially in missionary work!

(Don't worry Sister Biberston and I are never the source of each other's frustrations, if anything we have too much fun so we need to invite the spirit back lol)

We also had a lesson with Salai and we set a soft baptismal date with her. She was a little hesitant to join our church, she kept saying she wanted to take parts from a bunch of churches and make her own perfect church, (ironic huh?) So we asked her what is was about our church that she didn't like... she said nothing hahaha It was great. We discussed the Book of Mormon a bit more and came to the conclusion all she really needed was a testimony of the Book of Mormon  (which is literally always the answer) and so she said she really wanted to know so she would read it and pray about it, yay!

Later that evening, we met with Jeremy. We taught him the word of wisdom and he really wants to be able to do it! So we set some goals and made some plans with him, he is doing really well already! I think he is progressing well to his baptismal date on June 10th, I am so excite for him. He also came to the basketball night we have on Friday nights and church on Sunday :)

Aaaand we found a new investigator! We found Marcello when we were looking for a different former investigator that had moved... it was a nice surprise!

Wednesday, we had a lesson with Monique, Alexis Fox came (a recent convert) and she was able to bear her testimony of how she came to know the Book of Mormon was true. It was a good lesson!

After we had a lesson with Alyssa, her brother Justin just got baptized last September and she is interested in being baptized as well! We taught her the whole first lesson in the church as it was very powerful. She accepted a baptismal date for June 3rd :)

Later we found another investigator, Quiana, when she texted us and asked if we could help out with getting a letter of recommendation for government housing. We met her at the church in the evening and gave her a tour while the bishop whipped up a letter! It was really great, especially when we were in the chapel because one of the organists happened to be there practicing so it was nice!

Thursday we talked more with Edward about his baptism... it should be this Saturday but he is an eternagator and has a tendency to back out last minute... but I think this is really it!

Later, we had a good lesson with Frank, our Jehovah's Witness... he has kept asking us over and over to give him proof discrediting that God is Jehovah and the 144,000.... so we very swiftly resolved those issues and another miracle! His heart was softened :) It was great to watch. He said he was just going to give us back our book and say don't come back but then he listened. It was great!

Friday we saw more miracles (of course)! We found 3 new investigators, 2 of them within the first 30 minutes we were proselyting! Calvin, Ariana, and Santiago.

We also had dinner with a less-active member and he has the cutest pitbull puppies!!! So of course I took pictures!

Saturday Edward and Alyssa attended a baptismal service with us! It was really great, I think it helped Edward.

Sunday, we tried our best to help a less-active member with family history. It was rough though since neither of us have ever done any family history.... But I'm doing some research today so we can help more next time!

Also this morning we had no money so we hand washed all our clothes. Definitely a learning experience!

Church is True!

Sister Holt

and goodbye pics from last week

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