Saturday, 6 May 2017


Another beautiful week in the Beach ward! Transfers are next week, so I'm not sure how long it will last...... So obviously I've got to make the most of the time I have left!

Last Monday, we got to do another FHE with the Mata family. We are going through the Christ-like attributes with them, week by week. It's going really well so far :) Recently I have started to realize the importance of family home evening. When we make our homes and our family times a sacred refuge from this crazy world we live in, we are so much stronger! It provides a spiritual suit of armor. 

On Tuesday we saw Araceli, she didn't have a lot of time, but we shared the Prince of Peace video with her and she loved it! She said she was going to play other Mormon messages as she works in her home with her grandbabies during the day. I'm so grateful for all the resources the church provides to carry forth the Gospel and to bring light to people’s lives.

Mirian came out teaching with us this week! She is seriously going to be the best little missionary ever! We were going to take her to an appointment with Alisa, but that fell through so we took her to our backups and it was great! We were able to bring Alfred a Book of Mormon and follow-up on a referral we had received. She had a lot of fun going around with us, meeting new people and talking about missionary work. I have been so happy to see the blessings that come from teaching with members and even just by having them out with you! Go out with the missionaries guys! It's a really good time, and nothing helps the work more (except for super solid referrals of course but those are harder to come by!)

Tuesday evening we met with a family whose dad has been less-active for a very long time. We got to teach the Restoration to his wife and daughter, Carmen and Allie. His, (Lincoln's) older daughter wasn't there but we set up a time to come back this week, actually this evening, so that she can be involved too! The spirit was really strong, they said they would read the Book of Mormon as a family and pray together to know if it is true..... so we will see what happens when we go back! We also found another new investigator that evening named Mary; she was a referral from our Bishop's family! They were super helpful in giving us about 4 referrals actually! And they all seem pretty promising, so we will try the other ones again soon!

On Thursday we saw Johnny, taught him the restoration and picked him up as a new investigator... needless to say we will be doing a lot of following up this week!

Saturday we got to do a community service project! It was stake wide, so also zone wide... it was a lot of fun! At first we were going to paint picnic tables but when we got there it was already done... so we got to spread new sand around a playground! It was good hard work in the sun! It got to 92 degrees that day! Later, we had a lesson with a man named Hamilton. He has very strong belief faith, and conviction of Christ. He had lots of questions and shared with us some of his beliefs. It was definitely a "religious discussion" but the spirit was there the entire time, which was a blessing. We shared experiences of learning truth from the Book of Mormon and invited him to read it, he said he would if we would read Romans and Ephesians. We said we would be happy to! I love the New Testament, not a problem! He really has a lot of potential and I just pray he will allow his heart to be softened so he can progress to be all that God can make of him!

That evening, we got to teach the Bishop's family the Restoration. Something our ward is wanting to start doing is teaching the first lesson with members so they can feel the spirit of the work. There is a reason we share the first lesson first; it's inspiring! We want to help the members feel that inspiration so they can reach out to those they love and share this great message!

Sunday was great! We had 4 investigators at church! Yay!!! Mandy, Kerry, Meghan, and Alisa were all able to come. I love seeing how willing the youth are to seek for truth and make changes that bring them in closer harmony to their Savior! No wonder the Brethren of the church are putting an emphasis on working with youth! Later, we also got to meet with Laura and Leileen. They are so, so sweet. Leileen is only 9 and it can be hard for her to concentrate, but her mom really wants her to develop a foundation in Christ; we've just gotta take it a little slow, which is fine.

Gabe is struggling a bit right now, things are getting tense at home with Maria. He will be moving back to Portland on the 9th... It's so frustrating when people come to you with a problem, you tell them what they need to do to fix it and they don't believe you! It reminds me of the story of Naaman. He didn't want the easy way, he was looking for a huge, life-changing answer where there wasn't one. Often we are the same way. We want to know the "big secret" to happiness, but it is simple. Read the scriptures, pray, attend church. Literally if we do those things, we will always be okay. It's so simple!!!

I am so glad we have been given the things necessary to receive our Salvation and Eternal Life with our Heavenly Father, all we need to do it take advantage of it all! I heard a good quote this Sunday from Brother Dulgarian, "If it's not eternal, forget about it!"

The church is true!!

Sister Holt

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