Monday, 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hey all!! 

This week has been pretty awesome :) That had a lot to do with CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas! It's just a magical time of the year. That is the only way to describe it. I feel like Heavenly Father just pours out his spirit on everyone! I mean really the spirit of Chirstmas that everyone talks about is essentially the spirit of Christ! We know that JOY can only be attained through that spirit of Christ, so what else could it be? I just love it :)

This week was a little slower than others because everyone was out of town.... but those that we were able to see had that special spirit with them. Christmas as a missionary has got to be the best kind of Christmas. No other time have I more fully understood the reason for the season. It's Christ. There aren't as many presents or decorations, treats, etc. It's really all about a baby born in a stable to a virgin mother, begotten by a perfected, Heavenly Father. He came in the humblest of circumstances; and in not quite as humble circumstances but still not what I was used to, I was able to appreciate the simplicity of celebrating the birth of my personal Saviour and Redeemer. I know he was born, lived, and died for us. I know he made that sacrifice so that we could be with our Father in Heaven and our families for eternity. Literally without end. I know that whatever we might be going through, Christ has felt those same sorrows, those same heartaches, and that he knows exactly how to comfort us in those times. As we reach out to him, we will find open arms, waiting to receive us. I know that whatever trial we may be walking through, it is temporary. It's a drop in the ocean in eternity and that our reward is so much greater if we endure. As we hold tight to the rod, we will receive all our Heavenly Father has prepared for us.

Other than Christmas this week, we also had a couple baptismal interviews so that's exciting! Destiny and Triston and Jeff will be getting baptized within the month! I'm so excited for these individuals and for the path to Heavenly Father that they are starting on! It has truly been the biggest blessing of my life to be able to assist the Spirit of God in bringing these people closer to Christ!

Also we had a Christmas Zone Conference. It was really great :) Sister Greener and I had the opportunity to sing a duet at it so that was pretty cool haha I love receiving training from President! I always feel that spiritual boost and It's the best feeling.

Well sorry I dont have any pictures this week.... I left my camera at home... but next week!

I love you all so much!!

Sister Holt

Sister Patterson sent us this picture from Zone Conference

Sister Holt with President and Sister Patterson

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