Monday, 12 December 2016

Walking In an Unwintery Wonderland!

Hey! This week has been pretty busy! We have about 6 investigators that we meet with regularly, which is awesome, so there's never a dull moment in the Beach Ward! Last week while I was emailing at the library some guy came and sat beside me and started talking to me about my name-tag and asking me questions about what I do as a missionary. It was pretty weird but also cool. He told me that he has been looking for faith in his life and he was willing to meet with missionaries! Unfortunately for us, he lives in the other mission (we're right on the edge beside Anaheim), but that's okay because we're all on the same team! That evening after p-day, everyone cancelled on us.... so that sucked lol.

Tuesday we got to meet with Joanna and Jeff (both are investigators) and Jeff is progressing really well. Oh man, he' s so awesome. Tuesday was definitely a busy day because we actually saw another family who's kids we are teaching and they welcomed us in and wanted a lesson and stuff even though their parents weren’t there which has never happened! So that was REALLY cool... when I say kids I mean like 13 and 15 haha just so you know.

We also got to do some service through justserve at a museum! The curator is 90 years old!!! She's super funny, and I love the opportunity that we have every week to provide service for her and the community.

So our ward mission leader is AWESOME, just so you know. He is so dedicated to his calling. Sister Greener and I are crazy blessed to be able to have him labouring in this white field with us! Man, I wish you could meet him.

Friday was another SUPER busy day! We taught 6 lessons. That's a lot. It was pretty great though, I love it when we get so busy with the work that we don't have a minute to catch our breaths; it makes it really easy to go to bed completely satisfied, knowing you have made the most of your time, and the Lord's time. I always feel so much joy when I am able to give everything to this great work!

On Saturday we got to go to our ward's Christmas party!! yay! It was super great, lots of food and a cute little play :) We took pictures with Santa and took home WAY too many leftovers haha.

On Sunday we had our mission president, President Patterson, come speak in our ward. He really gave a great talk about missionary work, I hope it inspires our members! We also had 4 investigators at church!!!! Which is crazy but so awesome. Yup, I'm happy. :)

Love you,

Sister Holt.

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