Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Hey!! This week has been freaking amazing and it also FLEW past! Where is the time going? I'm already starting to get worried that it's going to end... 

Last P-day my district had a fried chicken contest! So, the elders in my district are from Louisiana, Florida, and Texas..... and the Philippines but that doesn’t count. Sister Greener and I are from Idaho and Canada.... suffice to say we were kinda outmatched. But we got a recipe and we fried that chicken! And we came in last place. Elder Jones won. Sad, sad tears were shed that day.... naw I'm just kidding. If I'm going to be honest, that chicken was GOOD. But don't tell them I said that.

On Wednesday, everybody and their dog cancelled on us. So we went street contacting on Westminster Blvd. Oh boy, it was definitely an interesting experience haha
We met an angel of God. Yup you read that right. He is an angel sent from heaven to spy on all the people. He has wings, he earned them, but we can't see them... he also was poisoned that morning in his pepsi max... oh and the pope tried to poison him in the 80s... but that pope was replaced secretly by the cardinal later.... oh man I could go on forever with the stuff this guy was saying! It was entertaining if nothing else. We tried to give him a pass-along card and ask for his name but he said that when he tells people his name, people try to kill him and that since he is an angel, he didnt need our card. hahahahahahahahahaahha yeah.........

Anyways! Thursday was super great! We got to meet with a few of our investigators!! Man, I love them. Friday we did some service in a seniors’ centre for their Christmas party! It was a lot of fun :) We prepared and served food for 200 people! While we were eating lunch in our apartment, we got a random phone call from a woman named Destiny. She said that her husband was a member of the church and she had been going on and off since they had been married, she worked in the military, and she wanted to get baptized by the end of the month. HMMMM uh okay! So we met with her that evening and we eventually found out that she is moving to BYU Idaho at the end of the month and that right now just seems like the right time for her to be baptized. She's really sweet and we’ll be finishing the lessons with her on Tuesday and she will hopefully be baptized on the 28th of this month. Man, she has such a sweet testimony! It's crazy to see how much she has grown just in the few times we have met with her :) #theLordpreparespeople

Also a super sweet member that we meet with pretty often got us fluffy socks for Christmas; she's so cute.  

So! All in all a pretty productive week :)

The church is true!

Sister Holt

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