Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!


We got our transfer calls yesterday and.............................
I am staying in Beach ward with Sister Greener! We are very happy :)

This last week has been awesome :) One of our investigators, Destiny, got baptized on Wednesday!!! Yay! It was a sweet, small service and she has already moved to Rexburg with her husband and baby to attend BYUI. My favourite part was definitely when she was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and she received the Holy Ghost (we did it at the baptism since she was moving a couple days after.) The spirit was so, so strong! I could feel it rush into the room and envelope this new member of God's church. It was a very special moment and I feel blessed and privileged to have been able to witness it :)

We also got to meet with some investigators that have been eluding us for a few weeks again. It was really good to see them! One of them, Karie, we met with at the church because it was raining and we usually meet her in a park. I am so glad for the spirit that resides in our dedicated church buildings! It really helped Karie to feel of God's love and let the spirit bear testimony to her of the truths we were sharing.

Saturday was New Year’s Eve and we got to spend it (til 9pm of course) with a special member of our ward named Ruth. I love Ruth so much, it hurts me that she is moving in a few weeks. She is older and her health is rapidly declining so she is moving in with one of her sons about half an hour away, but she still wants to continue attending our ward. Even if she does, we won’t be able to visit her so much since she will be so far away :( She can’t really leave her apartment right now so we go see her and read the book of Mormon since she cannot attend church. I just can’t even express how much I love her!

A member gave us some sparkling grape juice for New Year’s Eve, so that was nice :) I woke up at midnight because of the sound of the fireworks, so I guess you could say that I basically celebrated New Year at midnight haha

Our ward has switched to 9 am church so... not a ton of people showed up.  It's also gonna be a lot harder to get investigators there... but I'm sure the Lord will provide a way! I'm starting to learn that what the angel told Zacharias in the New Testament is true : nothing is impossible for the Lord!

We also had a member make a dutch oven meal for us last night and it was sooo good! :) All in all a pretty good week!

Pictures to come later! Sorry! but hopefully late today... all the libraries are closed so we email at the family history centre so we get less time.... Love you!

Love, Sister Holt

Christmas pjs :)

a little video that arrived New Year's Day - a great start to the year :)

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