Monday, 30 January 2017

Teach Repentance; Baptize Converts


Another beautiful week in the California Long Beach Mission! Sister Greener and I were proselyting in an apartment complex thing that had a pool and there were people out there tanning and swimming... in January! It was funny but it was a beautiful day! Got up to 80 degrees, so that was nice! No more rain!

This week has been pretty eventful! We got some changes in the missionary schedule and also in our key indicators. The missionary broadcast in which this information was given was so powerful! I really loved and needed that reminder of our purpose as missionaries! It is so easy to get caught up in numbers. Thinking you haven't done anything just because you didn't technically teach as many lessons as you usually did; and yet you did much to bring people closer to Christ. I am so happy with these changes and I can already see a difference in the way Sister Greener and I go about this work- it really is about
 the people, not the numbers.

Also this week we found out a homeless person was living in the storage space in our car port... so, we got that taken care of... it was an adventure!

Something else I have come to realize is that sometimes people's agency is super frustrating! You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. That's up to them. As missionaries we try and we try, we do all we can to set up the appointments and call the members and arrange rides, and plan lessons, and bear testimony, and still people don't come through. It's a challenge but I know that every person is on their own timetable. God knows when people will come around, He knows every person in this area that will receive the Gospel and when. We just have to trust in that and work at their pace, teach according to their needs.

We did get to meet with one of our investigators who is progressing really well! His name is Kim and he is dating a member in the ward and he is just the best! He already has such a firm grasp on the Gospel- he just gets it. He knows this is the right path for him and he, and we, are excited for his baptism coming up in March. What I love most about lessons with Kim is that he is FULL of questions. I love it. We barely talk a lot of the time; he just asks questions, we answer, ask a question in return or read a scripture and he just launches into more soul-searching and testimony bearing and I just love it.

We also had our ward's annual chili cook off this week! It was super fun and Sister Greener and I got to be judges, so that was fun. There was also a silent auction for Girl's Camp going on and Sister Greener bid on some fudge, so she was pretty excited about that.

We also got to do some gardening for a lady named Christine- we potted some cactus and stuff and she let us take some home! :) It made me happy. We also had 2 members make my favourite dinner this week- so I loved that! All in all a great week!

Love you dearly!

Sister Holt

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