Monday, 6 February 2017

More Rain!

Hey all! Sorry this one will be a short one! Not a lot happened this week- to be honest it FLEW by. Before I knew it, it was already Saturday!

Last week for P-day our zone played some football, not quite as fun as last time because there were TOO MANY people! The Elders wouldn't pass to us :( We also went on exchanges this week, I did love that :) It was really a great opportunity to be able to learn from the Sister Training Leaders and to just grow my testimony of missionary work; especially that God is preparing people for us to find! It really does come down to faith. If God has asked us to find people, it’s because they are out there! He does not ask us to do anything we can't do. We and the people we teach, just need to develop the faith to make it happen!

We also had the opportunity to teach a part-member family this week. The mom is a member, but the kids’ stepfather is not, so we teach the kids, they are 10 and 12 and really sweet! We wanted to help them better understand the restoration so we decided to show the video, so we brought the dvd thinking, "everybody has a dvd player, right?" Nope. They didn't. So we spent a good amount of time trying to find a laptop or they also had a portable dvd player that didn’t work... eventually they just got the step dad's laptop and we found it on it was kinda awkward, but hey! I think they got the message!

This week we also had an investigator who dropped us a couple weeks ago text us and tell us she wanted to meet again!!! We are so, so happy! Even more so because this time round, she really is seeming to get it! She is in this 100% now and she wants to do all she can to progress towards baptism :) She even texted us Sunday night, after she had gone to church earlier, and said that today was a really good day for her and she was at home listening to the Book of Mormon! We had had a less than ideal day so hearing that really helped me feel that it’s all worth it! Even if I work every single day, talking to everyone and trying my very hardest and just one person listens to me; it’s worth it!

The church is true!

Sister Holt

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