Monday, 20 February 2017


This week has been so busy! I guess we'll start with last Pday. It was my last day with Sister Greener and it was quite sad. I really will miss her, although I know she is need elsewhere for all her great missionary skills and abilities. On Tuesday Sister Greener and her new companion went to their new area and Sister Pack and I (she's from Reddeer) were companions til we got our new missionaries! I also got the news that I would be driving..... WHAT? I was pretty sure that was never going to happen... but I guess it did, which is super scary because we drive a 2017 Chevy Malibu and its a BOAT and I really don't want to mess that up. So please pray for me haha. So we got the call around 5 to go to the mission office to pick up our new companions and I was pretty sure who would be mine as soon as I saw the girls. Well apparently she felt that too. When they said that I would be training Sister Sherksnas, she came and sat by me and said,  " I was pretty sure you were going to be mine because you have nice eyebrows." ahahha i thought it was so funny. 

Sister Sherksnas is super sweet and she's already an amazing missionary. She totally understands why were out here and the need for exact obedience. I love her already and I know we will only improve from here as companions and as missionaries in general. I am so grateful  for the opportunity I have now to help someone get started on their journey as a missionary. I really am trying every day to teach her the right way to do things, and how to sacrifice for the work. I am grateful for your prayers that support me , i know this would be a ton harder without them.

We did a lot of teaching this week. We had almost our entire week planned by the time Sister Sherksnas got here! We didn't even find time to get her some groceries for a few days, but stuff like that doesn't even seem to matter when you are labouring hard in the Lord's vineyard. Every night we have been getting in just exhausted, and I'm grateful for that. There is no better feeling as a missionary than to feel like you have given your all that day.

We got to meet with one of our investigators, Kim, like 4 times this week, which was great!! He is progressing really well, and he is very aware of how much he needs to progress before baptism. He made a goal himself that he wanted to read the whole book of Mormon before getting baptized! I am so happy to see how he grows in the gospel and in his understanding of what god wants of him. Its really humbling to get to see that.

Yesterday at church, we had an investigator come to church tat we were definitely not expecting and it made us so happy to see him there! There was no one to teach the gospel principles class and there were no other investigators so we sat down with him and his sister, who is a member and shared the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. it was a really good lesson, the spirit was definitely felt strong. Thats why I love teaching in the church, its the Lords house so its pretty easy to have the spirit there.

All in all, its been a pretty great week, and I can't wait for more to come! 

Love, Sister Holt

sorry, no time for pics this week! its presidents day.

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