Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving


This week has been great! I spent my last P-day in Atherton ward packing haha and I got to go to a Thanksgiving potluck dinner in Leisure world! It was so fun because I love old people. They are so sweet to us! I also had the opportunity to sing at this potluck :) I told some of our homie families that I was leaving and they were very sad, and so was I.

I do love my new area though! My companion, Sister Greener, is so great! She's from Idaho, and she was in the MTC at the same time as me, but in a different zone, so I never saw her. She actually stayed just down the hall from us, and Sister Rhoton and I went to meet the other Long Beach sisters once... but she doesn't really remember who was at the door and neither do I but apparently it was each other...

Anyways, things are going great here in Beach Ward! We are actually serving mostly in a little area called Westminster. It's pretty great :) I'm not near the beach anymore :( but that's okay! We have a few really great investigators that we're meeting with! Jeff is probably my favorite, (shhh don't tell) but that's probably just because I have met with him the most :) He's had a tough life so far, but he's so respectful, faithful, and sweet. He's from the south, like really from the south... and so he always calls us "ma’am." I love it.

We also work with a ton of less-active members here... I think we had 17 less-active lessons this week... so that's a lot! They're really sweet though, I love everyone so much here already! I'm just so crazy happy every day that it doesn't seem real :)

Teaching with Sister Greener is super great :) We are just able to teach with such unity, and it's great :) I really do love her a lot!

We got to enjoy American Thanksgiving this week! It was very fun and very yummy! We were told by our mission president that we could eat as many Thanksgiving dinners as we wanted to! So we had 2 and kinda  a half... first was at a super sweet family’s house. They're Mexican so the turkey seemed like it was kinda cooked with salsa and the stuffing too and they gave us hot sauce to eat with it lol but it was great! We got to meet with one of their sons who hasn't come to church in a long time and he said he might come sometime with us! so that was great. Next was the Deaton's! They're really great and they cooked the turkey in a bag! also They're niece brought her pit-bull, who is BEAUTIFUL by the way, and he was so adorable! He's the sweetest little puppy ever! We played a game with him with bubbles! I took a video that I will send next week... because I'm a bad person... sorry. Anyways, then we finished off at another less-active lady's house but we didn't stay too long; it was kinda crazy! It was also a birthday celebration and there was a piƱata and all kinds of fun stuff :)

Yesterday, my first Sunday in the Beach ward, I was called upon twice to bear my testimony! Once in sacrament and once in relief society... yeah that was fun haha All in all a pretty great week :D

Love you all so much!

Sister Holt.

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