Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Quick Note

Pretty slow week this week guys! Sorry! I don’t really have any pictures either :/ so sorry I’m a poor e-mailer! 

We did have one cool experience with a less-active lady :) she was down as a DNC but we didn’t know... so we went over there and knocked on her door. She answered and told us to go away because she didn't want anyone to preach to her, lol, but then somehow we started chatting and she invited us in! So we talked for FOREVER and by the end Sister Kwon, my comp, asked if she could sing a scripture, cause who's gonna turn down a sweet sister missionary singing?? So she sang proverbs 3:5 and the lady loved it! She started singing hymns she knew from when she was a kid (cause that's basically the last time she went to church) and she said she would come to Church the next day! And she did! It was great :) 

We also had a Halloween party Saturday night and we got to go :) There was a chili cook off, which made me think of Chapel Hill ‘cause I think we did that sometimes and Dad would always bring the best chili :) It was good to see lots of members and to get to know them, but also good to see lots of non-members! Although they were all in the Elders’ area... except our friend, Robert, that we brought :) He's about 90 years old and he’s hilarious :)

This is really all I've got but I’ll repent and be better next week!

Love, Sister Holt

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