Monday, 7 November 2016

So Much Success!

Hello family!!

This week was a good week. So much sun, so much fun, and so much success! :D I have had to learn that no matter how hard I work, I can't make people accept the gospel! Our success is measured by our commitment, our effort, and our desire :) Every night this week, Sister Kwon and I would come home EXHAUSTED. And it felt AWESOME. When you're that tired it's not hard to lay down at night and know you've been successful and you did your very best!

Last Monday was Halloween so we needed to be in our apartments early, so Sister Kwon and I played around with some fun glow balloons and wands and stuff that my Mom sent me a while ago. It was right fun, I'll tell you. Who knew two 19ish  year olds could have so much fun with wands and crowns?

We had a mini miracle happen this week with our recent convert, Boni! We had a dinner appointment set up with her and we got to her place and she told us that she had met a lady at the laundromat and she invited her to have dinner with us! She's a really sweet older lady named Gayellen, she's really nice! She said she is really interested in our message, but we couldn't teach too much ‘cause she had this crazy dog.... I got my first dog bite on the mission though, so it's all worth it, right?

There's a little town within a town in Seal Beach called 'Leisure World.' It's a 55+ community haha but there are about 100 members in there. It's technically in the Elder's area, but there are 37 single women there that only we can visit and only 8 single men.... so yeah we got permission to also work there! We've met some really interesting people there! We aren't allowed to proselyte technically, but most of the members there are less-active, so we've been visiting them. This one lady didn't remember getting baptized. so that was interesting... apparently she also didn't remember one of her ex- husbands; the most recent one... so yeah! Lots of interesting people!

I had the, um, opportunity I think, to teach in gospel principles this Sunday! It actually went okay, I think! People seemed to enjoy it!

I think that was mostly the gist of the week! I love you all dearly! :)

Sister Holt

Sister Holt's favourite rose

Sister Kwon

Halloween fun

princess power

Happy Halloween!

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