Monday, 14 November 2016


Hey all!

Another beautiful week here in southern California! Sunshine filled days that get up to 95 degrees - I love it!

I had a good week this week :) Last Monday, we got to meet with the Burns family, Sister Ruttan's cousin, so that was fun! They're a sweet family and those boys are really funny haha. One of our investigators got sick and we're pretty sure she's in the hospital so we haven't seen her in a while and we're kinda worried about her... she's an older lady and she's very sweet! We also got to meet with quite a few less-active members this week. It's kinda sad to see people's faith waver because of politics within the church, personal relationships, etc. I have strengthened my testimony in building my foundation in Christ and in His gospel as opposed to social connections. We are converted to Christ! This is His gospel, and that should be all that matters, eh? I guess it's just hard for me to imagine getting along without this gospel! I would definitely be directionless...

We did exchanges this Friday! I was pretty sick so we almost cancelled, but we didn't and I'm glad :) it was really good for me, I was able to learn lots from Sister Glenn. We got to see Robert and GIGi and we had dinner with Boni :) and we had a visit with the ever colourful sister Clark :) so pretty much a good day :) 

Saturday we got to have dinner with the Sessions :) The Sessions are a senior couple in our area, and they are our favourite :) We love them so, so much! They're like our parents away from our parents haha. Whenever we go over, they send us home with yummy food, so sister Kwon and I wanted to repay them so sister Kwon made a yummy Korean soup! We also made some dumplings from scratch, they were soooo delicious! They are so super sweet that they sent us home with so much food! rice and guavas and all the ingredients for dumplings so sister Kwon and I are going to make them at home :)

Yesterday we had a really awesome experience! We had gotten a less active referral from the Elders the night before to visit a woman named Cassidy that lived in their area, but she specifically requested Sisters. So we went the very next day and I am so glad we did!!! We went over to her apartment and she was so, so happy to see us! She's the sweetest woman! She told us that she had been asking Elders to send Sisters over for YEARS and this was the first time any had ever showed up! She was baptized a while ago but went in to inactivity and got involved with some not so great people and things... a biker gang made her throw out all the Mormon literature so when we handed her a Book of Mormon, and a restoration pamphlet, she cried. She was so happy just to look through the pages. The spirit was really, really strong as sister Kwon and I testified that our Heavenly Father loves her! She was really excited to meet with us again on Wednesday and I can't wait either :)

Well I'm singing on Sunday in sacrament so please pray for me!!! haha I'm a little rusty...

I love you all!

Sister Holt

ps sorry no pictures! I’m an awful person... ill repent...

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