Monday, 26 September 2016

Penguins and Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)

Hello family!

This week has been pretty great! Lots has happened :) On Monday, after I e-mailed, the zone went to the Calgary Zoo!!! It was so much fun!! I saw penguins, and tigers , and bears, oh my! (no lions though haha) it was really great just to get some time off and be social and have fun and relax :)
On Tuesday we had zone training meeting which was really great :) we were able to receive wise counsel from our stake president, president Craig... honestly he kinda thrashed us haha told us what’s what! The whole time I was trying to imagine president Weckesser so bold and forthright, direct and merciless haha I couldn’t. President Craig is awesome, Im playing it up, he just wanted to make sure we were reporting back to him properly :)
On Wednesday we had exchanges! Sister Carter (my trainer) went to foothills with one of the STLs and Sister Halliday came to Legacy with Sister Dewsnup and me! For those of you who don’t know, Sister Halliday was a missionary in the Cardston YSA ward when I lived there and I was actually one of her ward missionaries!! It was so awesome to be with her- so, so much fun!! :D that was pretty much tied with the zoo for highlight of the week :)
On Friday we went to retrainers meeting* and it was very nice :) it just really helped me be confident and comfortable with the progress I have made here in the field. I feel like sometimes my comps and I kinda get caught up in the work, we get too stressed, we don’t take time for ourselves. We don’t really laugh or have fun. I liked how President Miles said that was important! I knew it was haha sometimes it was hard to convince my comps of that hahaha- we’re kinda of opposites but were learning and growing together! We’re figuring out how to compromise and have charity for one another and use our differences to an advantage!
The General Women’s Meeting was so dope! Oh my gosh it was awesome, and I’m so stoked to hear more inspiring messages this weekend!! I love President Uchtdorf! He’s so awesome, for reals!
I love you all so, so much! I’ll send like a ton of pics today so I’m sorry lol

Love, Sister Holt​.

* from President and Sister Miles' Post:
Friday we had our Retrainers Meeting where we met with all the brand new missionaries and their trainers.  We love that meeting.  The new missionaries have now been out about 4 weeks and they are more settled in, and it is so fun to see what they have learned.  Steve always has a session in that meeting where he asks, "What have you learned in the last 4 weeks?"  We hear a lot of answers such as-"we've learned that Preach My Gospel really works, we've learned to be patient, we've learned to love people, we've learned to rely on the Lord more, we've learned to communicate more, we've learned to be a better listener, we've learned that it is great to have a companion because they can fill in for you in a lesson when you don't know what to say, or they can back up your testimony, we've learned that everyone has strengths."
It really is amazing what they learn in such a short time.  What they learn on a mission is invaluable for life! 

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