Monday, 12 September 2016


Hello family!

All the days of this week have kinda melted together to be honest! Lots of work, not lots of sleep, haha! We finally (kinda) have an investigator or two... they’re both former investigators. One is a super sweet Nigerian lady with 2 beautiful little baby girls. Her husband is in Nigeria, he got laid off and had to go back for work... so she’s all alone here in Canada. The ward is so awesome- sweetest members ever! I'm so happy to get to know them more, they are so willing to help! So that's mostly what we've been doing... meeting with members and a couple less active people. Meeting with all these different people is so inspiring! Everyone's situation is so crazy different, and yet the gospel is able to work for them! It truly is one size fits all, haha! The atonement is so universal, and so complete! It must be divinely appointed, nothing made up by man could ever be so perfect!

It's definitely getting cold here... it was 6 degrees this morning. I have a California wardrobe so we'll see how long I last before I give in and buy some tights, etc... but I do love it here! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful area! We got to do some service with some members, which was a super great relief from all the tracting haha. We taught the lesson in Young Men’s on Sunday, about commandments. We really want to get to know the youth, keep them strong! There were 2 Deacons and one Priest haha but it was great :) Also it was my 1 month anniversary on Saturday! My comps and I went and got Timmies to celebrate - were going to make it a monthly tradition :)

When I first got out here, it was so hard for me to be immersed in this work. I was always thinking about either before or after the mission, not concentrating on the time I have here, now, to serve the Lord. I was not feeling happy, not feeling joy in the work I was doing. It was feeling like a chore. I realized I had one foot in my 'home' bucket and one foot in my 'mission' bucket. I wasn’t willing to commit to either, being 'hot' or 'cold'. I was the very definition of 'lukewarm.' I have decided to give my all to this work! I have had 19 years to focus on me. I will have decades after this to focus on my future. I only have now to focus on this "great and marvelous work." I am not perfect, but I'm doing so much better! I am here for everyone but me right now! I am here for my companions! I am here for the memebrs! I am here for the investigators! I am here for less active Saints! I am here for my Saviour. My purpose is clear and my path has been made straight!

I love you all so much, and I know this church is the true, fully restored gospel of Christ!

Sister Holt

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