Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Alberta Bound

Hey!! I’m alive! I made it to Calgary- I honestly couldn’t help but sing Alberta Bound on the plane and in the airport when I got here haha! I am in a trio with a girl from my MTC zone named Sister Dewsnup and an awesome trainer named Sister Carter :)

So I guess I’ll tell you my area....... I am in the Fishcreek zone in the Legacy area :) It’s a brand new ward and a new area and we were all white washed in... so that has been interesting.. the work is kinda slow but the members are amazing! So willing to help and I think we’ve had dinner every night so far and are booked up for a long while :) so don’t worry mom! 

We only had one investigator and we actually have to give him over to the YSA sisters... but I have a really great feeling about this area! Everyone keeps saying that they’re so excited for the sisters to be here (there were elders before) and that sisters and can work miracles that elders can’t haha... so here’s hoping!

We have a brand new apartment which is really nice! It even has a washer and drier in it!

I made my first street contact the other day- a guy names Peter; super sweet and has a real belief of God and our Saviour... dosn’t believe in organized religion though... but it was really great to meet him, discuss with him, and offer up some service!

It’s been interesting in a trio- but nothing unmanageable! We’re getting the hang of things, planning out how we will teach and stuff.

The members are legit so awesome! So, so sweet and they love us so much already- it’s nice to feel at home somewhere :) We’re really working on getting to know them right now since we don’t really have any investigators.

Yesterday was pday, but we didn’t get to email because the library was closed for the holiday... but we got to go shopping at value village, which was nice! I was able to get some retail therapy, get rid of some built up stress haha

Im really learning right now that I can not do this on my own. That is really hard for me. I like to feel in control of the situation, to be self-reliant. I know that I won’t get anywhere without leaning heavily upon my Saviour and my Father in Heaven; not only them, but also my companions. I kept thinking that I could handle everything on my own, but I cant! My first week out here has truly been a humbling experience, and I am so grateful for it!

Love you all dearly! Sister Holt.

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