Monday, 19 September 2016


This week has been super great, but it’s always so hard for me to remember everything...first of all; I’m so blessed to have such a great auntie living so close by! I got some tights to protect me from the cold Canadian wind :) I also bought some boots. They’re really cute haha!

We had zone conference on Tuesday and it was so good! I loved being spiritually nourished and enlightened with the missionaries in my zone and a couple zones around me. My mission Pres. and his wife are so sweet, caring, and hard-working! They want this to be the very best mission in the world! We also had a mission wide fast. It was humbling to give up something to benefit others, to find people to teach, and to strengthen our investigators!

On Saturday, we did the food drive! Apparently, it’s the biggest food drive in Canada! It was insane! The missionaries were all at the chapel unloading cars- I wish I took a picture! We would have about 15 cars at a time being unloaded! We filled 3 huge 18 wheeler trucks full of food! They say that we collect around 1 million dollars’ worth of food every year. This one collection sets them up right until Christmas! It was so crazy to be a part of something like that! haha When we were getting everything ready, we were setting up all these boxes ( that could probably fit 5 men in them) and we were challenged to try and stack them as high as we could! We called it the tower of babel haha- I’ll try to send some pics!

later that night we also went to a member's little girl's birthday party haha- that’s why you may have gotten a picture from that mom... it was nice :) there were a couple non-members there we got to talk to!

Yesterday, we taught in YW about keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was really awesome how a lot of the times preparing for a lesson, you learn so much for yourself! I'm going to try and recommit myself to setting Sunday aside to reflect upon the Saviour more fully! It can actually be kinda hard to do this sometimes because Sunday often ends up being out busiest day! It’s important for me to remember that it is a day of rest. Not necessarily physically, but always spiritually :)

Funny thing happened last night actually! our dinner canceled before church (by the way mom, we’re being fed every night, don’t you worry haha) and so we were really hoping we would get a dinner for that night- and we communicated this to our ward mission leader- who is awesome by the way. So we took our calendar and at the end of church it had a name on it! We were so excited! So I called the family and left a message asking when they wanted us to come over and thanking them for saving us!... she called back and said neither she or her husband put their names on the calendar........ awkward... haha someone else signed them up! But they were happy to have us over anyways and it was really great haha!

Oh yeah! I also got my visa! I’ll be heading to Long Beach October 11th :D woot woot!

Love you all so, so much!

Sister Holt.

p.s.  I'll be eating dinner with Uncle Ron and Aunt Linda in a little while :) also Darren Gardner is in my ward and I saw Aunt Natalie yesterday! :)

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