Monday, 3 October 2016

The Field is White!

Hey family!

First off, I realized I only ever talk about myself and never my investigators or anything so I'm sorry, J.

I do have investigators! When we first got here we had one, Rebecca, who has been investigating for a while and is just waiting to get married before baptism, she’s super sweet! Then we found a few more! We actually have gotten 4 in the last week or so, which is crazy! One is a man named Jacob, he's the fiancĂ© of a less active member. The parents of the girl, whose name is Kennedy, said that they would appreciate it if he learned about our church if he was going to be marrying into it J Hes nice. Then, we tracted into a lady named Kamar. That one was kinda a miracle! We were just knocking on doors and we knocked on hers and she asked us to come back! She’s Muslim but loves to hear about religion and we taught her the first lesson and she was super excited about it and interested! The last 2 are married and they found the church in Vernon BC but moved here to Calgary like a week after meeting the missionaries so now we get to teach them! They're really nice! Marius is from Romania and his wife May is from the Philippines :)

This week has been super great! We got to go to the temple on Friday with sister Irvine, our ward mission leader's wife, it was so amazing! The Calgary temple is so, so beautiful! The whole temple is covered with beautiful wheat symbolism! It was nice to think that it was kinda a wink at Alberta agriculture but also it is to signify the fact that the field is white already to harvest! I was in the celestial room and I looked up at the wheat and it dawned on me that there are people out there! The Lord is preparing hearts right now! We just need to find them!

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SO AWESOME! I can't even handle how much good there was! I loved every single moment of revelation given from the servants of the Lord! I really loved Elder Robert D. Hales talk, I don't know why, it just hit me in a special way. I was a little disappointed that Holland only spoke in priesthood so we didn't get to hear him.  I can’t wait to study them when the Ensign comes out next month.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!  I miss you every day and I pray for you every night!

Love, Sister Holt
At the Temple with Sister Irvine

Fish Creek Zone enjoying lunch at the Mission Home between Conference sessions.

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