Monday, 10 October 2016

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

IT SNOWED!!! Snow. Two days in a row.

Last week for P-day we got to play grounders! It was so much fun! We also got to meet with a bunch of less-active members we couldn't get in with before now! They are really cool. But two of them actually aren't less active, they're just old single guys and they don’t like going to family ward cause apparently it makes them feel like a  "failure" cause they're not married... but they're really cool. One is like 32 and the other is 37....

We also got to eat dinner at the Suttons, Aunt Linda made my favourite food; salsa roast! It was so yummy!!! It really helped lift my spirit :) Also Jesse had sent a package to Calgary via Aunt Joanne, I loved that too! I got lots of Canadian chocolate to bring with me to the States.

Transfers were this past week, we lost our district leader and 2 other elders :( The new ones are cool, but I won’t get to know them 'cause I'm going to Cali!!! We did have a zone get to know you which was pretty fun! And then a zone lunch after. 
Some neighbours in our building invited us over to meet them- they're from India and they're pretty dope! It was really nice :)

On Sunday, Sister Carter and I did a musical number :) I sang “Saviour, Redeemer of My Soul” :) It was nice- I'm kinda out of vocal shape though haha We also got to teach in Young Men's again, which was fun to do, especially for my last Sunday.

This week I was really focusing on developing the Christ-like attribute of charity. That’s something I have found that you really need as a missionary, it's not something I really expected. It kinda encompasses everything, when you love someone in a Christlike way; completely and totally, you want to work hard for them! Also it makes loving your companions so much easier. I encourage everyone to try and develop an attribute of Christ every month :) In preach my gospel it says something along the lines of, "more important than what you do, is who you are."

I love you all so much!

Sister Holt.

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