Monday, 17 October 2016

CALI !!!

This week has been so amazing! I absolutely love it here! My trainer is awesome! The sunshine is awesome! The people are awesome! The sunshine is awesome! I'm so happy :)

My flight went well - no problems this time haha. There are palm trees everywhere here and the most beautiful flowers ever- which I love! It's pretty humid most of the time, and I'm finding that I really love it.

My trainer's name is Sister Kwon and she's from Korea. She's so stinking awesome and sweet and bold! My first day with her in the field, we went to knock on doors, which usually I hate but now I'm learning to love. I told her I wanted to see her door approach. She said okay! She walked up to a door and said, "HI, we're missionaries and we share a unique message about Jesus Christ. The church that he established in his time is back on the earth!" And she continued to teach the entire first lesson and we invited someone to be baptized right on their doorstep, it was awesome. We've done that a few times, and a couple people have even said yes!

My first day, we were going to eat dinner, but I wasn't hungry so I was just going to take a nap. I decided to lay down ‘cause I was exhausted and I kept feeling this anxiousness to go out and work on a specific street called Faust. I honestly tried to ignore it ‘cause I was so tired, but I couldn't! So I told Sister Kwon we needed to go. We did and that's where we found Jim. We taught him on his doorstep and he accepted our invitation to be baptized! We still have a lot of work to do with him, but it was still a crazy cool experience! Also earlier, we had gone to get lunch and our fortune cookies were so dope! Mine said something along the lines of "people are waiting to hear from you," and Sister Kwon's said, "The fruits of your labours will soon be realized." Yeah. Cool. I know.

Sister Kwon and I have been a little sick lately, but that's okay! We're still exited to go out and find the people Heavenly Father has prepared!

We met an investigator the Elders have been teaching, (we are now splitting the ward with Elders) her name is Bonnie and she is so sweet! She's getting baptized this Saturday and is super stoked!! We are too!! A couple days later, we decided to go see a former investigator, Betty. We went in, taught the first lesson clearly and plainly, and asked her to be baptized; she said yes! That she thought she was supposed to be baptized last March, but it didn't work out haha. We're going to be working with her now too :) She's super awesome. She's 57 years old but I thought she was in the 30s... lol

Yesterday we went to church, met the ward, they are really nice and welcoming :) We also went to a peninsula to eat our dinner and it was so beautiful! We stayed off the beach, but we got to walk along the boardwalk :) I loved it. The wind was warm and smelled like plumeria, which is EVERYWHERE and I love it!

I think that's mostly it! It has been a crazy fun week and I can't wait for more :D I love all of you like crazy and I hope all is going well!!    Love, Sister Holt.

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