Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Transfer 8 Down, 5 More to Go!


I forgot my old planner this week so I don't have any record of what we did... but I will try to remember!

Last Monday I got my hair cut... that's about all I remember haha.

I know that we were pretty busy on Tuesday, as usual... That's usually when we have most our appointments, often all day long right after each other; which is nice! Wednesday I think we found a few investigators but we didn't get to do a whole lot because we had District Meeting and I had a chiropractor's appointment. Everything went well here, I had just kinda messed my hip up but it's all good now :) No more clicking!

Thursday we had weekly planning, so again, that took up most of the work day.. but we did find a couple more investigators because some of our appointments fell through so we got to see some potentials.

Starting Friday I can remember a little more hahaha! We went to the temple visitor's center with Dice and Justin! It was super great, he LOVED it! It's really awesome how you can tell those sisters a little bit about your investigator and then BAM combine it with the Spirit and they can present a perfect tour just for them! It was great. Probably one of my favourite resources :) After the Visitor's center we had an appointment and then we drove to Whittier for exchanges!!! Yay! I was with Sister Henry this time and it was really wonderful! We talked a lot, set some goals together and I got to meet some pretty cool people! Sister Henry and I got to California at the same time and we will be flying home together :) She is from Washington State. She's pretty cool.

Sunday was AMAZING! We saw some pretty great miracles; our favorite was probably meeting William. Whenever an appointment falls through, we set some backups so that we always have something productive to do. One of our backups yesterday was for a young man named Josh. He was YSA age but I thought we would go just to see if he was still living there so we could send his info to the YSA sisters. We walked up to the house and there's a dog and even though he's barking something fierce, you know me, I gotta pet it. So I stuck my hand over the fence and someone said "He bites!" So I quickly pulled my hand back and we get to meet William! It was his house, Josh was his son and had just moved out a few months prior. After talking with William a little bit and asking some questions he expressed to us that his family used to be centered in God, he tried his best to bring them to church every week and to do bible studies together. A while back he found out his wife had been unfaithful and she left him. As a result, his family had been torn apart and he was now living alone, with his dog, feeling like there wold never be any respite from his sadness and loneliness. I have never been so grateful in my entire life for the hope our message brings as I was in that moment. We shared with him a little bit about how Christ can help us to overcome challenges, to help us be healed, to bring light into our lives. He got kind of emotional and said he wanted to learn more but he wanted us to come back later because he had been drinking and didn't feel right talking about it right then. We gave him a card and a pamphlet and left him with our testimony that Christ lives. He texted us a little bit later and told us he was truly grateful we had stumbled upon him and he was excited for Saturday when we would come back.

I feel like I can't even express how humbled I am to know that I have been given the honor and privileged to be able to bring truth and hope to those who need it. I actually feel like the English language can not convey the feeling I feel as I reflect on this experience. It's definitely something I will hold close to my heart. This work and this Gospel are so true! I can't say it with enough fervor and sincerity! I know it, I will never be able to deny it. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for my Savior. I know He died for me, and you, and William. I will try every day to do everything in my power to try and make up for that sacrifice. I know I never will, but I will keep trying.

I love you dearly! I pray for you always!

Love, Sister Holt

Sister Holt, Dice, Sister Nicol


Sister Henry and Sister Holt

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