Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Happy Monday! I survived another week!

Last Monday we got to do some shopping, which was nice. After we went to a park and ate pizza with our district, which was also nice.

We found a new investigator named Akpamgbo (apoombo) from Nigeria and taught him the restoration. He was very willing to read the Book of Mormon and come to church on Sunday! And then he called 2 days later to tell us he hd to move to Arizona temporarily to help his son out with something.... so some missionaries in the next few months will get to teach him further!

Tuesday, we went to the LA temple visitor's center with Justin and Alyssa! It was a really wonderful opportunity to not only discuss the temple, but also missionary work. They both are going to do so much with their lives! They are really good kids. Late that evening we also found a new investigator named Mike. We were actually going to see his neighbour, Karen, but she was busy talking to someone in her yard so I suggested we knock on the house beside it while we waited for her to become available. Mike let us in to show us his newly renovated bathroom and we got to talking, it was pretty cool.

Wednesday was very busy with District Meeting in the morning, right after that we had lunch and did our studies and then we went out to see Salai. Salai has met with us before but took a break to figure things out, we went back and talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon in finding answers and she agreed to meet again! Yay! After we had a lesson with a 12 year old girl named Riley. She has met with missionaries before and wants to be baptized but her mother opposed it. We are hoping that now that she is older her mother will recognize that it is her decision. We had dinner with Sister Ceja, she made us legit Mexican food and it was super yummy! we also had a Mexican dessert with special Mexican caramel spread on the cracker things they use for communion, it was tasty.

 After that we had a lesson with Jose, it was awesome!!! He didn't really seem like he would progress that well, but we invited him to read the plan of Salvationt pamphlet and he loved it! He said it completely opened his eyes because before that eh had no idea that he had come from a loving Heavenly Father and that he had the potential to return to him and become like him. It was seriously a cool lesson. we actually taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ as well, he had so many good questions that just kept us rolling along! :)

Thursday was kind of slow but we did get to talk with Edward on the phone for a good while, trying to discern and ask question​s to know how we can help him progress... after a while we finally got to the root of it; he is not ready to live the word of wisdom 100% and he doesn't want to go into this unless he is 100%. He said he recognized that if he put in a little more effort, he would be able to get there, So we set new goals with him to help him make that extra effort in reading and praying!

Saturday was really great! Our stake had a Pioneer day/missionary activity! They had live music, petting zoo, pancake breakfast, games, etc. It was a lot of fun! Dice and his son Josiah came and had a blast! So did Justin and Alyssa's dad! The best part was probably when we went on the church tour though. The spirit was so thik you could have cut it with a knife. We were able to discuss the baptismal font, different paintings of Christ, the family history center, the chapel, and watch the new restoration video. I felt impressed to have Justin bear his testimony of Jesus Christ during the tour, it was very special.

After the activity, we met with Darreyl and a few other people, had dinner, and then went to a lesson with a sweet older lady named Mollie. The last hour or so of our night was spent doing brief visits to remind people about church and share a scripture about the sacrament.

Sunday. Game Day... Only Alyssa came to church, but hey, at least someone did this week! We actually also had a non-member come with a member in our ward! He was really nice and very interested in learning more! He loved church! He was also 26 and lived in Long Beach haha so we passed off his information to the missionaries over there so they could start meeting with him. 

Later, we found another new investigator named Arthur, he was very nice and invited us back later in the week to meet with his wife as well. We also had another lesson with Darreyl.

I love this place! I love these people! I love this work! I love this gospel! I can't say it enough :)

Church is true,
Sister Holt

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