Monday, 3 July 2017

Brother Edwards

Another sun filled week in Southern California!
Last Monday we met with an investigator that used to meet with the Elders in this area named Rosa, she is very sweet! She loves scouting and is always busy being involved with that so week can’t meet with her too often but she wants to learn more! She has a very strong testimony! After that we were able to do some service with one of our investigators named Liz. We got to help her assemble some homeless kits for the community!
Tuesday we had a lesson with Dice, found out his real name is Sisifo Laupua, we told him we liked it but he still wants us to call him Dice haha. We invited a member named Justin Altier to the lesson with us and he really liked having him there! Today we will be having a family home evening with Justin and his family with Dice and another investigator named Edward! That evening we also had a really good lesson with a less-active member named Phil Shanks. We were able to talk to him more about covenants and repentance, the spirit was really strong. It's always so hard to see people with a desire to change but have a hard time doing it because of a certain stumbling block. It has been a blessing to be able to help people overcome those stumbling blocks. From where I'm standing, the hurdle they have to jump seems so small, I know they can do it! And I never hesitate to tell them that. The world wants us to think we cannot overcome out weaknesses and trials, we can never let the world win that battle! We must maintain that "perfect brightness of hope" and encourage and lift others so they can do the same. We also found anew investigator named Derek through a street contact.
On Wednesday we met with Monique and we set a baptismal date with her! Unfortunately it is for September 4th because she feels she needs to know a lot more. We encouraged her that when we finished teaching her the 5 lessons we have to share with her, she would feel ready :) Wednesday night we also got to teach a Preach My Gospel class to the Priests to help them prepare for their missions. They are such good boys and they will be awesome missionaries one day!
Thursday we saw Dice again! After we went to go see sister Ceja to teach her more about the temple so she can prepare to receive her endowment and be sealed to her husband and children! It was a really good lesson; her daughter Alexandra was there ad she was really cute reading the pamphlet with us!
We went to see Jeremy and he is struggling a little bit, which breaks my heart. We did our best to encourage him and to show o​ur love. He really is such a wonderful guy and he has so, so much potential in the Kingdom of God! We also got to meet with his brother Glenn and set a baptismal date with him! He has had a desire to be baptized for a little while but was not willing to make it a priority... we are hoping that now that he sees Jeremy he will feel more of that desire!
You will never guess who we met with on Friday... EDWARD! He has been AWOL for about a month but he came back kickin'! We were talking with him in the park when a guy walked by, sat down next to us and asked if he could join the lesson. He turned out to be a member that had been in our ward 4 years prior and he really helped Edward out! He was just really good at asking Edward questions and he had experiences that Edward needed to hear! It was a serious miracle! God is so good! After Brother Edwards (that was his name) left, we asked Edward when HE thought he would be ready for baptism... he said 3 weeks!!! We are so excited for him!!!

Saturday was CRAZY busy!!! We started off the day with a lesson with Darryl and a lesson with Calvin, later we had a lesson with Mattie and then in the evening, we had a lesson with Brother Shanks. Before we went to see Brother Shanks we were stopping by a potential and we met a man named Jesse. The first thing Jesse asked us was if we were Jehovah's witnesses. We told him no, we were Mormons. He said OH! The Mormons! I love your fellowship and your congregations are strong, but I'm not on board with the whole Brigham young polygamy thing....hahahaha oh gosh... We explained to him that we no longer practice polygamy and he said, hmm okay then tell me a bit more. We are very excited to teach him, it will definitely be interesting, he has a lot of misconceptions about us... But we are up for the challenge as always!
Sunday we had Calvin come to church! No Dice again... so that means we will have to discuss his baptismal date again.... He believes everything so strongly, I have never heard such a solid testimony of the Gospel from someone so novice to it! We just have to help him develop the faith to make sacrifices to live the Gospel he loves so much...
Canada day was great! Less fun than at home hahah but way more rewarding :) Mattie had a Canadian flag up for me so that was nice and I took some Canada Day pics ;)
Today our zone is having an Independence Day BBQ at the park!!! I am super excited :)
I love you all dearly!

Sister Holt

O Canada - my home and native land!

Lunch with Brother Shanks

With Justin and Dice

Ice cream in the park


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