Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Turn Outward When the Natural Man Would Turn In

Hello family! 
This week has been kinda funny! People kept saying just make it til Sunday and all was fine and dandy all the way til Sunday. Then Tuesday came. HAHA I think sister Rhoton and I were cursed for feeling like everything went so well the first week by having a tougher second week! I am still in love with the MTC and it will be hard to leave (especially since it looks like I'll be going back to Canada). This week had a few more struggles. I guess we didn't completely foresee all that was entailed in the calling of 'Sister Training Leader.' 

We have spent a few long, late nights working with some of the sisters. I can honestly say that I love these daughters of God. They are so brave and so strong in coming out here despite whatever challenges may be before them! I have been blessed to be able to grow close to and serve the sisters in my zone. I love this work. It is God's work.

It was the days I was most struggling with myself; frustrated that I could not concentrate or teach as well as I would have liked to, thinking that I was not good enough, that these beautiful sisters turned to Sister Rhoton and me for help. I was able to do as Elder Bednar suggested in 'The Character of Christ' talk we saw last week. I turned outwards to serve the people around me, instead of focusing on myself and my problems. My testimony that the Saviour knows me personally grew this week. He knows how I feel and exactly what I need and when I need it. All will be well if we rely on Him!

Other than these few struggles, this week has been amazing! Our district has grown so, so close together! I sincerely love them! We try to finish up our planning early every night so that we can sing hymns together before we go back to our residences for the night. One night this week, we sang all 9 verses of Book of Mormon stories. About halfway through we started to really get into it. There may have been a little bit of dancing involved... but don't tell ;) and then out of no where Sister Chamberlain started beat boxing!! Oh my gosh! It was the most amazing thing anyone had ever seen! So, so funny!!!

Our devotional this Sunday was a musical devotional by the Nashville Tribute Band!! It was life changing! Mom, you have GOT to hear this music. They have the most beautiful, spiritual songs and it's all super great country! So good!! The last song they sang hit me especially hard. I don't quite remember what it was called... something like the hardest tears I had to shed? anyways it was about this person's mission experience; bringing people to Heavenly Father and the Atonement of our Saviour. You have to get their album! so amazing! It really deepened my testimony of the work I am doing here and my purpose!

I love you all and the church is so, so true!
Sister Holt

Here is a link to the song Christina refers to:
The hardest Thing I've Ever Loved to Do

Sister Holt, Sister Rhoton, Sister Buckway, Sister Chamberlain

Sister Holt, Sister Allred, Sister Rohotn

Sister Longson, Sister Holt, Sister Hathaway

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