Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Exact Obedience Brings About Miracles

Hello my family! 

I love and miss you all so so much! However, I gotta say, I have never been so happy and spiritually filled as I am here at the MTC. I love it here!

So I guess I should start with my trip hahah. So.... where do I start? The first leg of my flight was fine - no issues - then I got to Vancouver. That is where it all began. I was directed to go all the way out of security to get to customs - turns out I didn't have to do that - so I missed my flight because they had also booked my flights way too close together! So I missed my flight and then they may have been able to hold the plane for me if my luggage was going through... but someone in Nanaimo at Air Canada had mis-tagged my luggage... so it was lost in the Vancouver airport somewhere. And then the lady tried to get me another flight, but no airline had any flights to Salt Lake or even connecting flights until 8pm. So I had to wait in the airport til then... so I was in the Vancouver airport for about 7 hours... sleeping, reading Preach my Gospel, walking back and forth on the moving sidewalks... anything to keep myself occupied... I finally got on the flight to Seattle and had a connecting flight from there to Salt Lake City but I didn't arrive until 1am ish and they had lost my luggage....I was extremely blessed to have the Moffatts- the angels they are, take care of me :)

When I finally arrived at the MTC I got my badge, I was assigned a district and I received a companion. I could never have imagined what all of these things would mean to me a week later.

My companion's name is Sister Rhoton, she's from American Fork, Utah and she is way more than I will ever deserve. She is the sweetest, kindest, funnest sister. For reals guys. I love her so, so much. She's pretty shy when it comes to speaking in public, so I guess its a good thing she's got me! Its amazing how a companion can build you up so much and enable you to be the missionary you want to be. Heavenly Father knows us, he knows what we need, and he sent me exactly that.

My district is actually the bomb.com/diggety. For reals. Elder Peery is our district leader, he's the oldest in the district, but only 20 haha. He is so earnest, genuine, and kind. Such a righteous leader. We love him :) His companion's name is Elder Luddington and he's so funny. Oh man, he's from some country town in Utah and he's got really funny slang that we've all kinda adopted in our district, also such a diligent Elder. Then there's Elder Wiggins and Elder Cordes. Wiggins is so smart, he's 19 and has already got a double bachelor in business, he skipped right through high school; so crazy! Cordes was a wrestler in high school, and you can tell haha. He's really quiet but he's got a strong spirit and will to do the Lord's work. Next are Elder Rigby and Elder Lindsey, they're so great. Elder Rigby is like the little golden retriever puppy of the district; typical blond Utah boy, so lively, always brings a smile to our faces! Elder Lindsey is so so quiet and reserved but that man is a hidden treasure, a spiritual powerhouse, too humble to say it :) The last set of Elders are Elder Roche and Elder Hammond. Ha they're always late to everything every day! They're really fantastic though. Hammond is pretty silly but so willing to do what is required of him - ready to serve. Elder Roche is very nice and super funny, kinda distracting sometimes! But working hard, like everyone else, to "forget himself and go to work." Then there are 2 more sisters, Sister Buckway and Sister Chamberlain; they're super sweet :) Both so kind, willing to serve, and most of all, willing to put up with me! (we share a room haha) Our district does absolutely everything together; we  eat together, we play four square together, we go to choir together, everything! We're already a big, usually happy, family and I'm already hating the day we will all leave each other. (none of the elders are coming to Long beach 
:( ) The Elders are so sweet though, they suggested that we start praying in all our personal and district prayers for my visa. So cute.

Everybody kept telling us, just hold on til Sunday. Really though, I am so happy here. I can't remember the last time I've been so happy. The spirit is in every building, every room, every hallway; it's tangible, it's in the air. I have never felt so close to my Heavenly Father as when I have to opportunity to testify of his love to investigators. I know He's there. I know He loves me. It's so hard to communicate that to people who haven't felt that before. It's simply indescribable, that much love, so much that sometimes, as Sister Rhoton says, it doesn't just poke my heart, it pops it, and some spills over from my eyes. I love this gospel, I know it is the true gospel of Christ. I can testify of this without a single shred of doubt in my heart.

Kay, so also, sister Rhoton and I have been called as the sister training leaders for our zone which is pretty cool! We get to serve and love the most amazing Sisters! I already love them so much it's crazy! I can't wait to get more tomorrow when the new missionaries come in :)

Today is our first P day and it's pretty awesome, I gotta say. We got to go to the temple this morning (as a district of course) and I have never been so in tune with the spirit before! My heart was definitely poked and popped. I have never been able to understand the love and attention of our Father in Heaven has for us, I never felt him personally, but I can tell you I did today!!

The last thing I want to leave you with is my new motto; something we were told on our very first day here and that I tell the sisters about 10 times a day and they're probably sick of it. Obedience brings about righteousness. EXACT obedience brings about miracles. I testify of this, I have already seen it take place in my life. This is how I plan on serving this mission; in EXACT obedience.

Sorry if I left some stuff out! Ask questions so I know what to write hahaha!

I love you so, so much, 
Sister Holt

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