Monday, 11 September 2017


Tomorrow is transfer day and I am................................... STAYING! Sister Nicol is being transferred to Whittier with Sister Greener (I know, she is so lucky) and I am actually getting sister Greener's trainee, Sister Polaulu! She is from Tonga and I hear she is super nice, so I'm excited!

Also, Sister Heckel, in my district is being transferred to Cypress with Sister Sherksnas! So they are both very lucky to be with such awesome missionaries!!!

This week has been great, a little slower because it is the end of the transfer, but we still got a lot done! We found 6 new investigators, making a total of 44 this month!!! Of course we aren't teaching them all anymore... but we are still teaching a good deal of them! We have about 30ish investigators we are working with right now... that being said, none of them came to church... which was sad... but Alyssa got confirmed! Yay! It was so, so wonderful! The confirmations are definitely my favorite parts of it, you can just feel the Holy Ghost in the air! It is such a special experience, I definitely understand why they do the confirmations in sacrament meeting.

We also met with more part-member families this week, and that is going pretty well! Last time on exchanges I learned the importance of that and I can't wait to see the results that come from this new goal!

Another highlight from the week was Mattie's lesson again! She is doing so well, she spoke to her parents about everything and she is excited to move forward with baptism.

We also found 4 investigators who accepted baptismal dates this week! It was a miracle. Two of them were people we just knocked into while we were looking for potentials, so that was cool.

We also had a special opportunity of finding a young boy named Michael who has just experienced a tragedy in the family and had stopped believing in God. Teaching him about who God is and the love He has for him was probably the most I have ever relied on the Spirit, it just seemed like I knew exactly how to relate what he was saying to the gospel. It was a pretty tender experience for me. But, he was just about to move to Reno, so we read some of the Book of Mormon with him and got his info to send missionaries to see him.

Well, I love you dearly!

Sister Holt

Alyssa's baptism

Yikes! Another burn!

broken phone :(

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